What is okTravel?

The okTravel creators said there will be questions here that would never normally get asked, but they wanted the clouds to defend their decisions, and so they will ask them - but not quite yet!

Why okTravel?

We live in an era where people use jargon as if such phrases were common banalities. You know, practically every site on the Internet is the Premier site in Something, or the Biggest or Best. It's ridiculous. So okTravel was initially thrown around as cynical joke, and it stuck. It's kinda catchy, and is as ridiculous as all other claims you can find on the Web.

Why isn't okTravel very useful?

Ahh, this is hard one, as unfortunately when it comes to sites that rely on data, it seems to take a lot of time. Australian Government data is insanely difficult to get without money to throw around, and this becomes somewhat a problem when considering that the two people that work on this site do so in their spare time, and most times it's genuinely hard to find motivation. And so instead of the boredom becoming the burden, it manifests instead into a solution, as it encourages those moments where inspiration rises, and if we can work quick enough, the idea might just translate into something valuable. We also don't know much about programming, so it doesn't help with our speed, but as we get faster, and with the eventual accumulation of those moments, the site should, through sheer fashion, become useful. So yes, sadly we're aware that there isn't a great deal to really do on the site, but we hope it'll find its way somewhere interesting. The real fun will begin when we get there.

What's with the clouds?

What's wrong with clouds?!? Nothing is wrong with clouds. Asking such questions hurts my feelings.

Do you like ghosts?

Yeah ghosts are okay.